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Word Count Update

The almighty word count. Did you know my first book, The House that Death Built, was originally over 170,00 words? Yeah, that was a behemoth that I whittled down to 112,00 words. And I was told it was still too big.

But you know what? I trust readers.

I trust them to make the final call on if a book was too big and boring or too small and not enough and after reading reviews for the last 6 months, trust me, you guys don't pull ANY punches. :)

My boss at my 'real-life I still have bills to pay job, being an author is a marathon not a sprint' (heh heh) asked me how my writing was going and I told him a I just released a novella. "What's a novella?"

So here's a little something I got from a Masterclass article with some definitions on what is what.

500 words or less - Flash Fiction

Anything above 1000 words to 10,000 words - Short Story

10,000 to 40,000 words - Novella

40,000 words and up - Novel (although most standards for a novel is 50,000 words)

That's right folks, I cut an entire novel-length of words from my first book. And it was good for me. It made me write a lot tighter and focus on the plot more. Yay for learning!

Currently, The Ghost of Spring is at about 18,000 words. Is it going to bulge into another monstrosity? Most likely. Another 175,000 words to hack at? I hope not!

Here's to the creative process, no matter what yours is! Keep on making things, especially mistakes. It's how we grow.


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