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The trouble with I

It finally happened. My first critical review.

I've been waiting for it, anticipating it, bracing for it.

And it still threw me for a loop.

You hated the characters, that's ok. You hated the story or how it ended, I'm ready for that too.

This what I got - "I am heartily sick of seeing the pronoun “I” misused, as I am of so-called writers not having the professional integrity/courtesy of properly learning their native tongue."

SAY WHAT??????

I did what now? (Starts digging into manuscript looking for implied mistakes) Where? (Digs further)

Calls up my editors, "Did I misuse the pronoun 'I' in my book?"

Both editors, "SAY WHAT?????" (Trust me folks, they would have called me on the carpet for it, poor Julia is forever fixing my sentence structure, bless her face!)

Anywhooooo, moving forward. I have spent all day on Grammarly taking practice tests to make sure I use pronouns right. (So far 10 out of 10 correct, someone gimme a gold star!)

I may not be traditionally published, but I am a writer, and I take my craft seriously. Even if I don't know what the hell you are talking about, I'll do my best to become better.

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