• Mel Stone

The Red Pen

Back in the day, I used to write fanfic with some fabulous life long friends. One of us took it upon herself to be our editor. (Bless her face, that was awesome of her.) And every time she gave back my manuscript it was dripping with red ink. Bleeding. I always felt a little frustrated with my notes.

Now that friend is a NYT Bestselling author, (You are amazing, BoJam, I LOVE YOU!) and I look on those pages of red ink with fondness, because she was (and is) a friend that wants me to succeed and be better. I'm at the red ink phase of rewrites now. It's not dripping yet, and I'm probably not marking it up as much as she would (heh heh heh). But it's part of the process of making something good into something better. And something better into something great.

(Also check out my sweet orange Halloween nails! Happy spook season, everyone!)

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