• Mel Stone

Needles and Hooks

My second biggest passion after writing is fiber arts. I love the feel, the smell, the absolute warmth you have just by looking at someone else's creation. One of the tropes I dislike is a heroine's disdain for needle arts, that she's somehow enlightened because she eschews that what every other woman does.


Fiber arts is an amazing legacy passed down to all women from their mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and beyond. It's something to embrace. I love taking a stinky blanket of raw wool, washing it, picking it, carding it, spinning it, and then using it to create something. It is a fulfilling process to behold. It makes me feel connected with women in the past and what they did to love and support their families.

Today I was reading a book when the author committed the number one fiber felony you can do in my narrow little world. "....her crochet needles working furiously..."

No, nonononononono you did not just say that!!!


Admittedly, I am a happy hooker, but I think even my knitting comrades are cringing at this point. Because they know...

Crochet uses hooks, knitting uses needles.

I have pictures.

These are crochet hooks, beautifully crafted ones I might add! See the smooth edges around the hook end to allow your yarn to slide through easily? How it stays the same width so your stitches stay uniform? Lovely. And it looks nothing like a needle!

These are knitting needles. Pointy ends and everything! Nothing that looks even remotely like a hook.

So please, know your weapons of choice by the right name. (gets off her soapbox)

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