• Mel Stone

Henlo frens!

Boo here. Since Mom went to the mountains and left me behind, am writing her blog this week. Am such a good pupper!

This week I give you a list of why you should tell all your family and frens about my mom's new book, "The House That Death Built".

#3 - It's a really good book! One reviewer said, "had me on a crazy roller coaster that I didn't want to stop." That made my mom so happee, I like it when reviewers make my mom smile.

#2 - Mom wants to stay home with me all day instead of her other jorb. Hates it when she leaves me in the morning. There's no one here to give me belly rubs. Loves the belly rubs.

#1 - Treatos. Yes frens, it's all about the treatos. The more books mom sells, the more treatos I get. And not the boring biskets but the yummo chicken ones that are soft and squishy and make me drool. Am drooling now just thinking about it.

So remember, tell your frens to read Mom's book so I can get treatos. K thanks, bye. Mom will be back next week!

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