• Mel Stone

Chapter 31, the answer is there.

One of the best parts of writing mysteries is the clues. You want to leave just enough to make the reader intrigued, but not informed. You want to push them to read more, to find out why, and by the end of the story you'd better have answered all clues or they will let you know.

They let me know.

Dear readers, I didn't leave a big enough answer for a clue I left you. And I'm sorry. Many readers of The House that Death Built have posted in their reviews they didn't get their questions answered about the portraits lining the room the main character finds. I also would hate to have this dramatic scene and no answers for why it is there. I'll do better in the future, promise.

If you are still wondering about that scene, I left you a huge clue in this blog post. Outright telling you wouldn't be any fun, now would it?

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