• Mel Stone

Black Wednesday

I'm almost finished with the rough draft of "From the Ashes of June". And it is really rough! I've never done anything like this before. The amount of research and the emotional toll of writing about people being horrible to one another has been hard on my brain. I've only been able to write a couple of hours a day before throwing up the white flag. Today I came to the pinnacle of the historical setting, 'Black Wednesday'.

June 7th, 1780 was the day the King gave permission for the military to fire upon the rioters and shoot to kill. Over three hundred people died this day, by the hands of their own military. Men who vowed to serve their country and were willing to give up their lives to keep their country safe were now killing fellow countrymen, in order to keep other fellow countrymen safe.

If there is anything we know for certain, is that history repeats itself when we don't learn from it.

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